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Blood testing is a commonly used diagnostic tool that provides insight into how your body’s systems are functioning. Mohitkumar Ardeshana, MD, of Claremont Medical Center in Claremont, California, and service Upland, CA and Pomona, CA, relies on blood testing as a starting point in the diagnostic process. If you require blood work, the process is fast and straightforward. Schedule your appointment today using the online tool or by phone.

Blood Testing Q & A

What is blood testing?

Blood testing is a commonly used screening tool that provides a wealth of information about your overall health. There are a number of reasons you might need blood testing, including:

  • To assess how well your organs are functioning
  • To screen for signs of disease and medical conditions
  • To evaluate how well your medications are working
  • To learn more about your blood composition and clotting function
  • To assess your risk level for heart disease

Many different types of tests can be done using a blood sample. Dr. Ardeshana chooses the screening options best suited for your specific health needs.

What happens during a blood test?

The process of getting blood testing done is quite simple. You arrive and either sit or recline on the treatment chair or table. The technician uses a very thin needle and flexible tubing to draw a small amount of blood from a vein in your hand or arm.

If you’re squeamish about having blood drawn, just let your technician know at the beginning of the process. You can always listen to music or face the other direction during the procedure.

You’ll feel a pinprick sensation as the needle enters, but in most cases, the entire process is over before you know it. The next thing you’ll feel is slight pressure as a piece of cotton is held over the site and taped into position.

What types of blood tests are available?

There are hundreds of different blood tests available. You don’t need all of those testing options, but there are some routine screenings that can benefit everyone. Some of the things your blood tests might focus on include:

  • Blood glucose
  • Liver enzymes
  • Electrolytes
  • Calcium
  • Both LDL and HDL cholesterol
  • Vitamin and mineral levels

Claremont Medical Center has an in-house laboratory that can process many common blood tests, and outside lab service is also available.

Once your results are available, Dr. Ardeshana reviews them and determines if you require any additional testing. One benefit of blood testing is the ability to avoid more invasive and costly screening tools.

Even if all of your results are normal, blood testing still offers an important benefit. Your results are entered into your medical record and can show changes or trends over time. That information can be used to direct your preventive health care and avoid serious medical issues down the line.

If you have questions about blood testing or would like to have your blood work done, schedule a visit today, online or by phone.