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Joint pain can make it hard to get through the course of a normal day, and finding relief is important for both your physical and mental health. Mohitkumar Ardeshana, MD, of Claremont Medical Center in Claremont, California, and service Upland, CA and Pomona, CA offers joint injections as one of many treatments that can relieve joint pain. If you live in or around Claremont, California, and would like to learn more about how joint injections work and if they might be right for you, schedule a visit today, online or over the phone.

Joint Injections Q & A

What are joint injections?

Joint injections are procedures in which a needle is used to inject fluid into a joint and/or remove fluid from a joint. There are different types of joint injections that serve various diagnostic or treatment purposes.  

One common type of joint injection involves delivering anti-inflammatory medication into a swollen and painful joint. The solution often includes corticosteroids, which slow down cell accumulation that leads to swelling. Lidocaine or another numbing agent is mixed in to provide additional pain relief.

Another type of joint injection delivers hyaluronic acid to a painful joint. This substance is found naturally within your body. When a synthetic form is injected into a joint it serves to lubricate the joint and reduce friction, which is a primary source of joint pain.

How do joint injections serve a diagnostic purpose?

Joint injections can be helpful in determining the source of joint pain. This is especially true in areas where joints are spaced close together.

The process involves using a thin needle to inject a solution of corticosteroid and numbing agent into each joint. You’ll remain awake and alert during the procedure, and you’ll be asked to provide feedback about your pain level as each injection is performed.

When you feel immediate pain relief, you and Dr. Ardeshana know the solution was administered to the joint that’s causing your pain. That allows your medical team to determine the right course of action.

What are the benefits of joint injections?

It’s important to understand that joint injections do not deliver long-term pain relief. They will eventually wear off, but the temporary nature of this treatment is not a negative.

Joint injections can be a great tool for reducing pain as your body completes the natural healing process. For minor joint injuries, these injections can allow you to move forward with work and family obligations without significant pain.

Another important use for joint injections involves delivering temporary pain relief that allows you to complete a course of physical therapy. Strengthening the muscles that support a painful joint can make a world of difference, but it can be challenging to get through physical therapy sessions if you have significant joint pain.

Finally, many men and women have joint injections to relieve joint pain as they wait for surgery to repair damaged joint components.

There are cases where surgery needs to be delayed until other health issues are addressed, and other times when it makes sense to schedule a surgery a few months out to handle other obligations. Joint injections can relieve pain during this interim period.

If you have questions or concerns about joint injections, schedule a consultation at Claremont Medical Center today. You can book with a simple phone call or a visit to the online scheduling page.